Gallifrey is a spin-off series of audios set on the Doctor’s home planet. A cross between 24 and The West Wing it delves into the political machinations and deviousness of the Time Lords. Reprising their roles from the television series are three very popular companions – Lalla Ward as Romana II, Louise Jameson as the savage, Leela, and K9, the robot dog who proved such a hit with viewers. Together they fight time terrorists, insurgents, machiavellian politicians and dark ghosts from their own pasts.

Full Series Review

Gallifrey: Imperiatrix

Gallifrey: Imperiatrix was the showstopper finale of the second series. A story of terrorism, betrayals, and terrible loss it left the series with Gallifrey poised for civil war.

Gallifrey: Imperiatrix Cover Art

The Free Time influence in the Capital is spreading, while Darkel has played her hand and opposition to Romana’s policies from without and within is growing. When the bombs start going off, the President of Gallifrey decides enough is enough.

While Leela and K9 race to track down the terrorist to avoid more bloodshed, Romana enters into a risky bargain for control with a dangerous, influential figure from her past. But she soon discovers that the answer to her problems lies in the future. A future she has already witnessed. And one she has been trying to avoid.

But someone desperately wants this future and will stop at nothing to make it occur.

Even if it means leading Romana and Gallifrey to war.


“Stewart Sheargold is emerging as one of the better Big Finish writers…his first Gallifrey script contains everything that made his previous work sparkle, namely great dialogue, good twists and some fine imagery.”

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Released August 2005. Gallifrey:Imperiatrix ended the second series of Gallifrey.

Gallifrey: Warfare

Gallifrey Warfare concluded the civil war storyline started in Gallifrey: Imperiatrix. Romana fights back in what becomes very much a mental battle for control of both Gallifrey and her own incarnation.

Gallifrey: Warfare Cover Art

‘You shouldn’t even exist. You’re an anomaly. And we Time Lords stamp them out.’

The dark days have come again. It’s the end for Gallifrey. The most learned civilisation in the universe has come to war. The Capitol is in ruins; pitched battles are an everyday occurrence, futures are being changed. The first Imperiatrix, back from the dead, has stolen power and nothing will stop her ambition.

Except, perhaps, for a small band of opposition who believe that it is time to stop running and fight back. But war demands sacrifice, and to rid Gallifrey of Pandora, Romana’s sacrifice will be great indeed. That is, if she can remember which Romana she actually is. For there is some warfare that is more pervasive than others…


“…featuring memorable performances by Ward, Jameson and Tamm – all of whom play characters facing a debilitating injury of some kind, be it mental or physical – Warfare fares rather well.”

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Released June 2006. Gallifrey: Warfare was the second in the third series of Gallifrey.