The Blue Landscape

In 1999, in between writing my first novel, The Hanged Man, I wrote a number of short stories. Over the years this was eventually edited, with stories discarded and newer ones added, and compiled into the current collection. The stories are whimsical, melancholy, caustic and devious whether they’re commenting on the shallowness of beauty, the danger of obsession, the joy of vengeance, or the delight in the delusional and the perverse.

Cover art

The Stories

The Beautification
The Winter Tower
Charlotte Imagines the Sea
A Cool, Calm Place
Painting Medusa Pink
The Sunday Lover
The Eyes of the Day
The Blue Landscape
The Garden
The Tea Party
Siens Fikshen

“A collection of powerful short works which will surprise, horrify, entice and offend, it certainly makes a bold impression.”

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Published by Manleigh Books in September 2012.