The Companion Chronicles

The Companion Chronicles go to the heart of what audio plays are all about – one person telling a story. Unlike the Doctor Who audio dramas they are stripped back, with bare music and sound effects, letting the vocal performance of the artist conjure rich images for the listener. Generally set after each companion has left the Doctor, they provide great insight into unguessed at futures or reveal hitherto unknown characteristics.

The Darkening Eye

I was lucky enough to be given Nyssa to write for. I’ve always liked Nyssa, thinking Sarah Sutton’s cold and aloof performance very alien. I was finally able to delve into the reasons why she left the Doctor, after her rather unsatisfactory exit in Terminus. I was also pleased to bring back the Dar Traders, the titular characters from my Doctor Who, The Death Collectors, after they had been received well by the production team. This was a prequel for them, and suggested how they would change into creatures of living death, and revealed a surprising ability in Nyssa to overcome death itself.

The Darkening Eye Cover Art

A new adventure with the Fifth Doctor as told by his companion, Nyssa.

While investigating a debris-littered battlefield in deep space, the TARDIS crew are salvaged by an ancient race of collectors known as Dar Traders.

Separated from the Doctor after an accident, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa find themselves at the mercy of the Traders’ curiosity. But the Traders have salvaged a cabinet from the battle that could be very dangerous indeed.

What does the suave assassin, Damasin Hyde, know of the cabinet? And why is everybody so interested in the missing Time Lord?

To find the Doctor, the TARDIS crew will have to enter a violent inter-planetary war. Where someone will die, and it will change everything.


“The Darkening Eye is a brooding and deliberate tale…which lingers long after the CD has gone back in the box.”

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Released December 2008. The Darkening Eye is performed by Sarah Sutton as Nyssa of Traken, with Derek Carlyle as the Dar Traders. It features the season nineteen TARDIS team of Peter Davison’s Doctor, with companions Tegan, Adric and Nyssa.