The World of Lies

At the end of 2006 I started The World of Lies, a surreal mystery for older children (and adults). It was a story that kept coming back, about identity and staying true to oneself in the face of a world that denies you and wants to change you. It took its foundations from a former Bernice Summerfield play, The Masquerade of Death, and built upon the ideas within to make an entire world of dangerous, intriguing and strange ideas. I finished it in early 2010, and spent the rest of the year editing it.

Dorothea Tanning - Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

It is a rather surreal adventure, where the four seasons are prisons presided over by criminal kings and queens, where the theatrical is powerful and sinister, and the villain is a charming but evil man who steals people’s skins and characters. My heroine – Chloe Susannah Alexandra Jane Hattersley – finds herself in this world without a clue as to how she came to be there, and yet she is much desired by the villain, The Man with 8 Faces. As she is chased through the seasons she meets characters who help or hinder her, with the final season being a creation of the villain’s that threatens to subsume her character entirely. It’s mad and dark and threatening, but also a lot of fun, with a few sections in rhyme.

The World of Lies – Sample